Carla – October 31st, 2018

9/2/13: The story behind The Cherokee Girls…
Monday morning we received a FB message from Casey. She had recently taken in these girls from a family friend and needed our help finding them new homes. None of them had been vetted, all of them had fleas and worms, and only one was spayed. We took two in that afternoon and got them to the vet and the other two over this past weekend. Thank you for trusting us with these girls Casey!

Please welcome Carla! She has raw swollen feet, face, “lady parts” and ears from infections and allergies. She will need a palate surgery and spay but she is currently in heat so we will wait until she is out of heat to move forward with surgery. She is now up to date on all vaccinations. She has a limp that we are told is from a birth defect.

She has not been on flea or HW preventative. She tested negative for HW now, but will need to be rechecked again in six months.

Carla is four years old. She lived in a garage her entire life; she was able to roam free in the garage while the others lived in crates/runs.

We are told she likes other dogs, does not mind cats, and did well around a two year old child for a brief time that she was near him. Carla is not housebroken.

Update 9/9/13: Carla went to her foster home.  So far so good, Bailey and Bedis are teaching her how to live the good life and how to potty outside!  She will go back to Dr Rush’s next week for spay and palate surgery.  Her paws and face are already looking much better; not as pink and swollen!

Update 9/20/13: Carla was spayed and had palate surgery today.

Update 11/3/13: Stephanie and Kerry met Carla and Boxerstock and fell in love with her.  So they came to Yappy Hour and Barks and Bubbles to spend more time with her.  She does have one more follow up appt with Dr Rush but we just had to let her go with them on Sunday.  Congrats Carla, Stephanie and Kerry!



October 31, 2018:  Carlacrossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Carla




C Robertelli

K & S Spruill

R & I Powell


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