Radisson – November 20th, 2018

2/17/16:  Please welcome Radisson!  She spent her entire life making babies for her owner to sell and now that he is in jail she was left to live in the garage with a few other dogs.  Her owner had someone looking in after her so she was getting food and water but Radisson had never been to a vet her entire life.  She has a skin infection, needs to be spayed and needs to have a mammary mass removed.  Thank you Scott for picking her up and showing her love and comfort! We are told she is 9 years old but she does not act her age.  She has show some aggression towards other dogs, we do not know if she has ever been around cats or young children.

Update 2/22/16:  Radisson had her surgery today and all went well!

Update 3/18/16:  Radisson moved into her foster home today.  We are taking things slow with her foster brother.  She certainly does not act her age!  She is active, curious, and loves to climb all over the furniture and people!

Update 7/18/16:  Radisson had another small mammary tumor removed.  The surgery went went!



November 20, 2018:  Radisson crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  She was the “queen of mean” but loved dearly by her foster parents Cale and Angie. 

Rest In Peace Radisson







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