Sandy – October 31, 2018

6/18/16:  Please welcome Sandy!  Her owners were giving her away because she can no longer breed. We are told she is up to date on her vaccinations but she is not spayed.  She is favoring her front paw but we are not sure why yet. She will be seeing the vet this week for a full check up and spay surgery.

She is six years old.  She likes dogs.  We do not know if she likes cats or young children.

Update 6/24/16:  Sandy was spayed today and all went well in surgery.  The x-rays on her leg did not show anything of great concern but we are trying her on some medications to help with pain and arthritis.  She will have a follow up visit with Dr Ross is two weeks.

Update 7/8/16:  Sandy’s leg seems to be just fine, she is no longer limping.  She will be adopted by her foster parents soon.

Update 8/2/16: Sandy has been adopted!  Congrats Sandy and Wilson family!



October 31, 2018:  Sandy crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Sandy



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