Gia – September 14th, 2012

Sweet Gia left us for her journey to the rainbow bridge.  She has been in rescue since May but had been plagued with multiple medical issues.  She was never able to leave the vet hospital because of those problems.  Her medical and neurologic condition deteriorated rapidly over her the last 48 hours despite treatment.  She was scheduled to go to GVS for an MRI but was completely unable to stand and quickly became unresponsive.  Dr. Ross had to walk her to the bridge.  Preliminary results of her necropsy show that she had a large tumor on her brain. 

We are devastated that we were never able to give her a chance to live the Princess life. 

Gia was a five year old owner surrender to a Metro Atlanta animal shelter.  Reason for surrender is unknown.  Gia was a very sweet little girl who was recently vetted and spayed at the shelter before she joined our little society.  She was very pleasant and happy when she got attention.  Gia was having an extreamly hard time contolling her blatter.  Dr Ross did some testing and x-rays but she was unable to find the cause.


A Brookins

S Campeau

J Lovett

H Higgins Wilcher

M & C Allman

B Bottomley



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