Brutus – February 14th, 2015

4/7/13: Please welcome Brutus to GEBR!  Brutus was found as a stray six months ago and has been with the family that found up until this weekend.  They contacted us a few days ago about surrendering him to us.  Brutus does not have a microchip.

He is with Dr Rush now and will have surgery tomorrow.  He will be neutered, have a palate surgery, and have his eye removed and the eye socket closed.  It appears that his globe ruptured a while ago and scar tissue filled in.  He will also have his teeth cleaned, get all of his shots and get a microchip.

The family he was living did not have any dogs or cats, but said he met a few dogs and seemed fine with them.  He has been around children and did fine with them too.

Dr Rush believes he is between five and six years old.  He is a sweet boy and will paw at you for attention if you are not touching him!

Update 4/11/13: Brutus had a very long morning in surgery with Dr Rush.  He had palate surgery, neuter and has what was left of his eye removed and had his eye socket closed.

Update 4/16/13: Brutus was able to leave Dr Rush’s today; he went to Stepany’s house to recover.  He is a bit swollen but the swelling will go down over the next few days.  He is enjoying some relaxing time on his Bully Blanket.

Update 4/19/13: Brutus is still enjoying some relaxing time on his Bully Blanket!  The pain meds have made him very sleepy.  He is still swollen and a little raspy but I can get he is feeling better.  He is getting a check up next Friday and will have his stitches removed then.  If all goes well at his check up he will be adopted next weekend.

Update 4/30/13:  Brutus was adopted on Sunday!  Congrats Shulte family!


February 14, 2015:  Today we say Farewell to a precious little rascal.  Brutus (GEBR alum) and cherished furbaby of the Schulte family.
Sophia and Jared, thank you for giving Brutus his life back.  Thank you for loving him with all your hearts and giving Brutus the life he always deserved.
Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Rest in Peace precious soul.




M Patrick


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We get frequent requests to adopt our dogs PRIOR to spay/neuter.

THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN WITH GEBR!Any inquiry regarding adoption of an intact dog will result in PERMANENT elimination from our adoption pool and all other English Bulldog rescues will be notified of your request.

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