Bridgette – February 27th, 2015

Meet Bridgette, a 5 year old female.  Bridgette was a former breeding dog from the same family who surrendered Sophie.  Bridgette is a sweet girl who is suffering from an ear infection and an ear hematoma.  She is undergoing treatment for the infection at the present time, when sufficiently healed will then undergo spay surgery.  No more puppies for Bridgette!! Aside from the ear infection, Bridgette has no other health problems.  We expect that after a food change to grain free, the ear problems will resolve.

Bridgette has been on treatment for her ear infection since she entered rescue a month ago, with little improvement.  We will probably need to keep her on oral medication and ear drops for 2 months and re-assess her condition.  The ear hematoma remains, but hasn’t gotten any bigger.  And to top it off, she has gone into heat so must delay spay.  We plan on revisiting the spay and draining her ear hematoma as soon as her heat ends.


She has been transferred to her foster home and is doing well. We will continue the ear treatments and wait for her heat to end before we perform spay and evacuation of her ear hematomas.

Unfortunately our sweet girl has suffered a setback.  She is at the vet being treated with antibiotics for open pyometra.  After 5 days of antibiotics, she will be spayed.  We had hoped to allow her to complete her recent heat, wait 2 weeks then spay, but Bridgette’s uterus had other plans.  Pyometra can be a life threatening uterine infection if unrecognized and left untreated.

Years of ear infections and repeated breeding has certainly taken it’s toll on Bridgette.  The rescue has spent close to $1000.00 trying to get her back into shape, now this.  And we’re still looking at ear ablation  ($2500.00).


Sweet girl underwent surgery to remove the infected uterus (9 pounds). After a few more days of antibiotics, she was finally able to go back to her foster home. Foster parents say she feels so much better it’s difficult to keep her down. I bet she feels better!!!!!!
The vet re evaluated her ears as well and says they do look a bit better…..time will tell. She hasn’t had another ear infection since she’s been in rescue, keeping our fingers crossed it stays that way.
The cost of this hospitalization and surgery: $1300.00


Her foster family reports that since her recent medical problems and surgery, Bridgette has a new leash on life and is acting like a puppy. The infection must have been smoldering for quite sometime, poor baby! We continue monitoring her ears. The vet reports that they are beginning to look better.

Update 12/22/10:

I guess with so many younger dogs on the site, sweet Bridgette gets overlooked.  She is a gem, with great behavior and NOW, no medical problems.  Please consider Bridgette, she still has several years of love to give.

Update 01/19/11:

Bridgette is still looking for the perfect forever home.  She will be attending the Thrasher game on Jan. 22, come out and see this precious girl.  Bridgette gets along with other dogs.

February 27, 2015:  A little over five years ago we went to Ballground, GA to pick up 3 bulldogs who had been rescued from a horrible puppymill in SC.  Bridgette, Kong(now Deuce) and Sophie.  Bridgette was adopted by the Walter family where she was Queen of the house and was given the life she so desperately deserved. Precious Bridgette crossed the Bridge this morning, knowing love  and all the wonderful things that go along with that emotion. Est. age 11. Please keep the Walter family in your thoughts and prayers. Rest in Peace dear Bridgette.