7/24/13: Please welcome Eugene!  Eugene was purchased as a puppy but they no longer want to take care of him.  The teenage boys who bought him with their own money are grown and busy and don’t have time for him anymore.  Eugene has been spending most of his time outside lately. 

Eugene turned two years old in April.  He has been vetted regularly for the past two years, he is up to date on is shots and neutered.  It appears that he may have a skin infection but he will be heading to the vet next week for a full check up.  He is a big boy weighing in at 65 pounds.  He doesn’t have much of waist but we will work on that! 

He has met his neighbor’s dog in the past and that has always gone well; but he has never lived with another dog until now.  Thanks for letting him stay with you Maggie!  We are taking it slow and letting them get to know each other.  He seems very excited and wants to play with Maggie and sneak in a hump here and there.  He has never met a cat; but there is one in his foster home.  We will let you know how that goes once they meet.  He grew up around older children.

Update 8/10/13:  Eugene has been adopted!  Congrats Eugene and Mundy/Holland family!

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