Beefy – April 10th, 2018

6/11/11: Meet Beefy, a precious 4 year old male owner surrender.  Beefy was rescued by one of our Facebook friends, very involved in rescue.  Beefy was poorly cared for in his original home, Leslie brought him home and nursed both his physical and emotion maladies.  He wouldn’t even allow the family to touch him for several weeks.

Recently Beefy has been battling recurrent anal gland infections and despite all of Leslie’s best efforts, it appeared that Beefy would have to have surgery for removal of the glands; a very, very expensive procedure.  All of this was compounded by the fact that Leslie was caring for an ailing father.  This required her to severely cut her work schedule to take care of her family.  Money was tight and Beefy really had to have surgery to relieve his discomfort and infection.

Beefy is a sweet fellow, though a bit spoiled (as every bulldog should be).   He lived with another dog but does get possessive of his human when they are vying for attention.  He also wants to be feed separately so he doesn’t have to share his food with any other dog in the home.

Beefy will be on Medical Hold until after he is seen by the specialists and has undergone neuter, palate surgery and whatever they are going to need to do to correct the anal gland problems.   If you would like to sponsor Beefy, please click on the donate button below, and be sure to indicate that the donation is for Beefy.  Leslie has done so much for rescue, we want to pay her back by taking excellent care of her boy.

Update 6/17/11: Sweet boy is on antibiotics to eradicate any infection that may be lurking in his anal glands. He is scheduled to see a Soft Tissue Surgeon (the same one who did Sophie’s surgery last year) on June 27th. We anticipate he will have Palate surgery, neuter, removal of anal glands and possibly tail amputation…$$$$$$$$$ YIKES

Update 6/27/11: Beefy had his evaluation at Georgia Vet Specialists this morning. It was quite an ordeal getting him there…relaxed. Before the ride we gave him a natural anti-anxiety liquid and then swaddled him in his new Thundershirt. (If you have dogs with anxiety issues, fear of thunderstorms or seperation anxiety…they’re awesome!). He tolerated the 90 minute trip like a champ! Only panting slightly during the ride.


1. Palate, Saccules and Nares need addressed

2. Neuter

3. Excision of right and left anal glands

4. Tail amputation

GRAND TOTAL: $3700.00 (estimate) and that’s with a rescue discount

Beefy is boarding at GVS this evening, since he has such a difficult time in the car and will undergo surgery tomorrow morning. We anticipate discharge the following afternoon.

Update 6/28/11: Mr. Beefy tolerated surgery very well, not sure I can say that for the surgeon, though. His palate and nares issues are corrected. The tail was another issue and very difficult. It seems that Beefy never suffered with anal gland issues at all. The wound on his backside connected all the way up into his pelvis…where his very twisted and curled tail FINALLY ENDED. The surgeon said “no human finger could ever reach that far.” It is very infected. With the help of another surgeon, they got as far back as they physically could, without actually getting into his pelvis. They had never seen anything like this before! Now we keep our fingers crossed that they were able to get it all. Beefy is staying the night of course and MAY be able to come home tomorrow, with a drain in his back side.

Now for the really bad news: It seems that both of Beefy’s back knees are blown out as well. After he recovers from this recent surgery, we will have to look forward to 2 more orthopedic surgeries.

As you can see the Vet bills for this sweet boy are tremendous!  Please help us help Beefy by clicking on the donate button below!  Every dollar helps!  Thank you all for your past, present, and continued support!

Update 7/2/11: Mr. Beefy has turned the corner, eating and drinking well. His breathing is much much better and the back end doesn’t seem to be bothering him. I imagine the behind was very painful before surgery and after getting rid of the infection feels better. The drain will be removed today. Now we watch and wait to see if the surgery was a success. After recovery, we will have him evaluated by the orthopedic surgeons to address his back legs.

Update 7/19/11: Beefy is progressing well. Stitches are out and no sign of returning infection. We will wait several more weeks to ensure he is out of the woods from an infection standpoint before we proceed to knee surgeries.Update 8/1/11: Beefy continues to heal well. We have decided to wait until it’s cooler before we proceed with his knee surgeries. He gets around well now, we don’t want to stress him more with temperatures exceeding 90 degrees. Of course if things deteriorate, we’ll initiate treatment. I have had him since his” Beefy behind “surgery because of the unusual nature of the problem and the surgery, but will be looking for a low key home without stairs to foster him through the knee surgeries. He’s a very sweet boy but rather large and Beefy. 

Update 10/12/11: Went for our yearly exam today. We’ve made lots of improvement in the weight department. From 72 to 58 pounds, but still wants 5 more pounds before surgery. In the car a little bit longer than he is used to and he handled it very well, no anxiety and no heavy breathing. Palate surgery is a wonderful thing!!!!!

Update 4/5/12:  Beefy will be having his first knee surgery soon.  We need a foster home in the Atlanta area with no animals and no steps in and out of the house.  Please help us spread the word or let us know if you are interested.  Email

Update 4/6/12: Beefy had an appointment with Dr. Cross at GVS for his knee. He is going in tomorrow, 4/11/12 for his first of two knee surgeries. He will go back in eight weeks to have the other knee done. We are still looking for a dog free foster home for Beefy. Please let us know if you can help.
Update 4/11/12: Beefy had his first knee surgery. He had TPLO and repair of luxating patella, there was much more damage than the x-rays indicated and he had to have another procedure done to his femur (thigh bone) that required another plate and screws.

Update 8/1/12:  Dr Cross feels that Beefy would not benefit from having knee surgery on his other knee.  His first surgery went well and he has fully recovered but Beefy’s knee/leg is basically still the same.  Dr Cross says that doing surgery on the other knee will most likely yield the same results.  We have started him on joint supplements and will put him on pain medication in the future if we see the need.

Which means Beefy is no longer on medical hold!  He is officially ready for adoption.  Only homes with no dogs will be considered.


Update 1/12/13:  Beefy has been adopted!!! It has been a long journey for him but he is finally home!  Congrats Beefy and Jesus!

April 10, 2018:  Beefy crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts. 
Rest In Peach Beefy
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