Max – March 17th, 2018

8/24/17:  Please welcome Max!  He joins us from Russell County Animal Shelter in Phenix, Al.  His owner passed away and his family surrendered him to the shelter.  They contacted us that same day and he was in our hands two later later.  Thank you for being rescue friendly Russell County Animal Shelter and thank you Cindy for giving him a ride!  He has untreated dry eye and will need prescription drops for life.  He needs cherry eye surgery and needs to be neutered.  He is also heartworm positive.  Once he recovers from surgery he will begin his four week ling heartworm treatment.

He will be four years old in October.  He likes dogs and children but we do not know how he feels about cats.

Update 9/12/17:  Max had his surgery today and all went well!  He was neutered and had his cherry eyes corrected.  He is recovering at his foster home and will head back to the clinic in two weeks for his four week heartworm treatment.

Update 10/25/17:  Max completed his heartworm treatment today and has been cleared for adoption.  He has been showing some food and toy aggression in his foster home.  His foster parents are working on this behavior.  We have also started him on over the counter calming supplements.

March 17, 2018: Max crossed the rainbow bridge today. Rest In Peace Max


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