Bebe – October 1, 2016

10/1/15 – Please welcome Bebe!  Her owner found herself facing hard times and knew it would be best for Bebe to surrender her to rescue so she could get the care she needed.  Thank you Anne, Maureen and Darlene for getting to our vet safely.  She is has severe untreated dry eye with diminished vision and an infection in her nose rope.  She has arthritis that will need to be managed with medication.  She also needs a dental surgery for a cleaning and extractions.

She is eight years old.  She likes dog, children and cats.

Update 10/5/15 – Bebe had her dental cleaning and she also had her palate shortened.  She will rest at the clinic tonight and move into her foster home in the morning.  She will need to see the vet again in a week for a follow up visit.

Update 10/13/15:  Bebe is responding well to the medication to help with her arthritis.  Her eyes are going to take some more time to respond to treatment since her dry eye is so severe and has been untreated for some time.  We are also treating a respiratory infection.  These little things can’t keep her down; she is sweet and happy and loving life in her foster home!

Update 5/15/16:  Darlene made it official.  Congrats Bebe and Darlene!



Bebe crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Please keep her mom Darlene in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Bebe



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