Daisy Mae – September 16, 2016

I’m Daisy Mae and I’m 2 1/2 years old… I think I’ve finally made it to “easy street”. My life hadn’t been very happy until about 5 months ago when a very nice family saved me from certain death. You see, my young owner didn’t really care about me. I had no fur because I was covered in demodex mange, my nails were so overgrown they had buried themselves in my paw pads, I only weighed 25 pounds and I had heartworms. And to top it off he made me live outside, it sure was cold last winter without shelter, my fur coat and very little fat. For Christmas I asked Santa to find me a new home AND HE DID! The Robinson Family saved my life. For the last 5 months I have been getting weekly dips for the mange and eating good food so that I’ve gained 25 more pounds. This person they all call “the vet” says that I can’t get my shots, my rabies vaccination, my spay surgery, or my heartworms treated until I get rid of the mange. I still have a way to go before all that can happen, but I feel so much better and I am finally feeling PRETTY. I love children and other dogs. I also get along with cats, too. The people who cared for me the last several months said it was time for me to find my own comfy home, so here I am. The nice lady from GEBR says I’m the sweetest little girl and told me that they are going to do everything in their power to make me completely well again. She promised that I was going to get my very own home with a yard and children (did I mention I love children?). Daisy has a long road ahead of her. We will continue her mange treatment and when the vet feels that it’s safe she will have her shots and heartworms treated. Spay will have to fit in there somewhere when deemed safe. We would like to express our gratitude to the Robinson family for saving Daisy and bringing her to this point. Would you please help GEBR help Daisy? Her treatment will be very expensive. Any donation for her care will be greatly appreciated.

Update We have had 4 negative skin scrapings for mange.  Daisy got her yearly vaccines and had spay surgery late last week.  Besides a post op bladder infection, she did beautifully.  We anticipate Heartworm treatment as soon as she’s recovered from surgery and continues to not show signs of recurrent mange.

Update After a restful summer spent lounging at the pool and the beach,  Daisy is gearing up for the final step in her recovery….Heartworm treament.

Update: Daisy completed heartworm treatment just like any Steel Magnolia would.  Now for 30 days of rest and relaxation with foster Mama Frances and the girls waiting on her hand and foot.



September 11, 2016: Today our sweet Daisy Mae passed over the rainbow bridge. My family will be forever grateful to GEBR and Ruthann Phillips for bringing Daisy to us 8 years ago! We were so fortunate to have been chosen as her foster! She brought us more love and joy than we could have hoped for and we were happy to treat her like the princess she was. ❤️. She will always hold a special in our hearts

RIP sweet Daisy and thank you for being such an amazing bully!