Jeeves – October 1st, 2016

9/7/13: Please welcome Jeeves! Jeeves found himself at Henry County Animal Control last week. No came looking for him and when he time was up AC wanted to euthanize him since he has dry eye and a skin issue. One of the shelter volunteers contacted us and we picked him up the next morning. Thank you Darlene for transporting him to our vet where he is now safe and getting the treatment he needs. He will spend two weeks in shelter quarantine while Dr Ross asses all of his medical needs. We believe his is 2-3 years old. We have not seem him around dogs, cats or children yet. We will update as we learn more about him.

Update 9/10/13: Jeeves was neutered today. He was diagnosed with dry eye and will remain on eye drops. We are also treated his skin and ear infections. He will move into his foster home next weekend once his shelter guarantee time is up.

Update 9/23/13: Jeeves moved into his foster home on Saturday.  He is sharing the house with two six year old human sisters that he seems to enjoy getting to know.  He gets to learn the ropes from GEBR alum Paisley and her two brothers.   So far all is going well but his foster parents are taking things slow.  We are treating his skin and ear infections.

Update 11/4/13: Jeeves had tail amputation and double entropian surgery today.

Update 11/16/13: Jeeves packed his bags and moved to NC with his new family this weekend.  Congrats Jeeves, Chloe, Dean and Lee!



D & B Howell




October 1, 2016: Jeeves joined us in late 2013 from a shelter after he was picked up as a stray.  After a few months in foster care addressing all of his medical needs he moved in with his new dads and lived the life a king.  Please keep Dean and Lee in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Jeeves