Meet Adonis, a young male surrendered to GEBR after being found stray. A kind young man, with English Bulldog experience, found Adonis wondering his neighborhood in the extreme heat we’ve experienced lately. Concerned for his welfare, he gave Adonis shelter, took him to the vet for treatment of flea and tick infestation and over 7 days attempted to find the owner of this unmicrochipped male. When his owner could not be found, GEBR was notified.

Adonis is a little on the thin side at the moment but is other wise healthy. After transport, he was immediately taken to Dr. Louis Harris for evaluation (Thank you Dr. Harris and staff for seeing Adonis on such short notice and right before a holiday. We’re sure your practice was very busy yesterday).

Adonis is neutered and heartworm negative. We are currently treating a skin infection and an ear infection.

We must still assess his behavior but we do know he is very friendly to humans and had good behavior around a dog savvy 5 year old. He did display some food aggression while in a boarding facility for 2 days but a the transporter (who kept him overnight) said he displayed no food aggression with her and even ate out of her hand.

Also, was interested in chasing her cats but stopped when she instructed “NO.” He also became a bit irritated around a Standard Poodle but when he was taken to a pet supermarket, was interested in dogs barking at him, pulled a little but backed down when instructed “NO”. Thank you for the additional input Melissa, in helps us tremendously :)!

He has meet his current foster clan; Meaty, Petie and Chunk and he loves them all! He just wants to play with them or get attention from the humans.

We will allow him to decompress from his wandering and anxiety before we make our final adoption recommendations. Thank you Melissa and Amanda for taking time out of your busy schedules to help us get Adonis to Atlanta.

Update 7/28/12:  Adonis, now known as Asher, has been adopted by his foster family!  Congrats Rayburn family!

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