6/5/12: Meet Jessie, a 6 year old female who was abandoned in a pet shop parking lot in Cobb County.  The pet shop was on a very busy highway, fortunately Jessie didn’t stray into traffic. Jessie doesn’t appear to have been well cared for in quite sometime.  She is heartworm positive and has a very inflamed skin infection. She was labeled sweet in temperment test on arrival to animal control but did have some issues with growling during her time there, probably from stress.  On our ride to Riverside, she was too cute…each time we stopped at a red light she would begin growling and when the light turned green, the growling would stop.  She just wanted to voice her displeasure that the car wasn’t moving toward freedom?  She may be one of those dogs that can only vocalize in growls….I’ve had one of those(my sweet Racy Macy). Jessie was very happy to accompany me to the vet and said good riddance to the shelter and her past life.  She is now being treated for the skin infection and when cleared will undergo Heartworm treatment.

Update 9/19/12: Jessie has completed her HW treatment.  She is scheduled to have cherry eye surgery tomorrow.  Once she recovers and we find the perfect home, she will be released from Riverside Animal Hospital.

Update 10/8/12: Jessie has been released from Riverside Animal Hospital and is in a foster home.  We are assessing her temperament; she is still a little vocal but seems to be sweet.  She has some trust issues but warms up quickly.  She is taking currently on antibiotics for a skin infection and seasonal allergy medicine.  She has gone potty in the house a few times but I think that is from her allergy medicine.  It causes her to drink more water than usual.

The only challenging moment was getting Jessie out of her crate (which was in The Wally Wagon).  She was not at all interested in letting me near her crate.  She barked and growled ever time I went near it.  After 30 minutes she settled down enough where I could open the crate door and know she was not going to charge after me once it was open.  An hour and a half and many puperonies later she came out.  And boy was she happy then.  Since that moment she has been doll! 

Update 10/12/12:  Jessie has come a long way since Monday.  On Tuesday when I came home from work she did a happy dance!  She loves to rub up against you and sit on your lap.  She takes treats gently from my hand.  I think she has a crush on Petie!  Every time he goes up to the baby gate to see her she does her happy dance! 

Update 10/15/12:  Jessie has met a number of dogs, young children and men and she loves them all!

Update 1/27/13:  Jessie has been adopted by her foster parents!  Jessie has come a long way the past few months!  She is the social butterfly of the neighborhood.  She is friends will all of the adults, children dogs.  Thank you Wendy and Bobby for giving her a chance and being patient with her.  Congrats to you all!



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