8/22/12: This is Andy! His owner dropped him off at the groomer and never went back to pick him up! The groomer was able to get in touch with him and had him turn Andy over to us.

Andy is a sweet boy, submissive. He gets along with other dogs and no problems with two younger children. What is interesting is that Andy seemed to have gotten regular vet care, the issue was that the owner was not so good on the follow through.

He has some skin issues, possibly demodex and needs to be neutered. He will be examined by Dr Rush at Deklab Animal Hospital tomorrow morning. Depending on how bad his skin issues are will determine if we neuter him on Friday or address his skin issues first. He also has dry eye and will need drops.

He is 6 years old. He likes dogs and kids.  He is not to good with steps.

Thank you Tollie and Harold for getting this sweet boy to Atlanta!!!

Update 8/24/12: Andy is HW negative. He does not have mange but does have a skin infection with some hair loss. He has severe dry eye and scarring on his corneas. His ears are boney and very closed up from years of untreated ear infections. The only true way to correct this type of problem would be a total ear ablation surgery; which is very invasive and expensive. Andy is not the best candidate for the surgery because of his age and the fact they then do not seem to bother him. Plus the surgery would most likely cause total hearing loss. At the moment he has some hearing loss but it is not completely gone. We will keep his ears clean and watch for infection.

10/13/12: Andy has been adopted!  He has packed his bags and moved to NC with his new best friend Tavian and his mom Macy.  Congrats to all!  And a big thank you to the Cates family for fostering him the past two months.

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