Meet Buster a 4-5 year old stray male.  He has been sitting in the shelter since May 4th.   Buster is a big boy, tipping the scales at 65 pounds, very sweet and well behaved.  No sign of food aggressions.  Came in contact with several dogs and cats on our trip to the vet with only mild curiosity.  He even made fast friends with a senior bassett hound that was being adopted at Riverside today. 

He’s a little worse for wear and the nasty shelter food was not good for his ears and feet.  He smells yeasty, but will be corrected quickly with the correct food and some good medicine.   He needs to be neutered.  His right eye was yucky and appears dry.  He is heartworm positive! 

Once his skin clears up, he will be neutered then begin heartworm treatment. 

He’s a sweetheart and was very happy to be out of the cage after spending 2 weeks in confinement.  He appears to be housetrained and is already microchipped but no one cared enough to come and get him from the shelter.

Update 6/5/12: After quarantine and clean up of yeasty ears, tail and feet, he underwent neuter and and dental cleaning last on 6/1/12. After a week of healing he will begin the heartworm treatment process. He’s a big lug with lots of lovin to give.

Update 6/9/12: Buster is recovering from neuter surgery. He will begin heartworm treatment soon.

Update 7/24/12: Buster began his heartworm treatment.

Update 8/21/12: Buster has completed his heartworm treatment! He was released from Riverside and has been moved to his foster home.

Update 9/7/12: Buster has been adopted by his foster family!  Congrats Webb family!

Heartworm treatment for a bulldog costs between $800 and $1000, per dog!  Please consider donating to Busters care by clicking on the donate button below.


B & D Howell

D Torrez

L Callahan


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