Spencer – May 29th, 2020

6/3/17:  Please welcome Spencer!  Spencer was found on the the side of the road and taken in by a kind women.  Thank you, Jeannie, for helping him.  She took him to the vet to check for a microchip and for an exam.  After attempts to locate his owner he was turned over to us for further medical attention.  He is extremely underweight, he needs to be neutered, he needs to have his tail amputated, he needs to be have his teeth cleaned, he needs to have a few decaying teeth extracted, he needs to be vaccinated and we are now treating him for dry eye and an upper respiratory infection.  We will attempt to get a few pounds on him while we clear up his respiratory infection and do surgery in a few days when the infection clears up. He is eight years old.  We do not know at this time if he likes dogs, cats or young children.

Update 6/16/17:  Spencer had his surgery today, it was a lot for his little body, but all went well!  He will spend the next few days on strict crate rate rest at the vet while re recovers then move into his foster home next week.

Update 7/1/17:  Spencer is settling into his foster home with two female dogs and a teenage child that he gets along with just fine.  There are also two cats in the house; one he does not mind but the other he likes to chase around the house when he can!

Update 7/21/17 – Spencer had to have another tooth pulled and we are concerned thag he may have CUPS. He will be seeing the animal dentist early next month to confirm. CUPS is a condition that causes painful sores all over the gums. If he is diagnosed with this then he will have all of his teeth pulled. This will prevent the sores.

Update 8/22/17:  Spencer has surgery today with the dentist and all went well.  He had to have a lot of teeth removed in am attempt to prevent additional sores from forming.  He will be using Healthy Mouth additive along with a dental supplements.  He will see the dentist again in a few weeks for a follow up.

Spencer is not all that fond of men.  He is not aggressive with them, but does not seem to be all that friendly with them.  His ideal forever home would not have any men as his main care giver.

Update 10/28/17: Spencer has been adopted. Congrats Spencer and Kelly family!

May 29, 2020: Spencer crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. Rest In Peace Spencer.

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