Delany – July 1, 2017

9/8/14:  Please welcome Delany!  She is an emergency owner surrender.  She is heartworm positive and her owners can not afford treatment.  She is now safe at our vet and will begin treatment soon.  We will update as we learn more about her.

Update 10/6/14:  Delany finished her heart worm treatment and moved into her foster home on Saturday.  She is hanging out with Stevie Ray, GEBR alum.  She likes him but she is definitely the alpha dog and is intimidating him just a little.  Which is funny since he has at least 25 pounds on her!  Her foster mom says she can tell her no and she backs down.  She would probably do best in a forever home with a laid back male that would not mind letting her be in charge. She is humping a lot as well and jumping on people, so her foster family will work be working on that. She has been sleeping fine in her crate and she is house trained. She is also living with three older kids.  We have not seen her around cats. She is really sweet and would love to be someone’s lap dog 🙂 Delany is ready for adoption!   

Update 11/2/14:  Delany packed her bags and moved to NC with her new family.  Congrats Delany and Sheehy family!

Update 4/2/17:  Please welcome Delany back to GEBR.  She never really warmed up to the three children in her adoptive family even after time, love, and training.  We decided it was best to get her back into the rescue and find her a family with no children.  She is taking apoquel for allergy issues. She has also grown to dislike going to the vet and getting treatment of any kind (shots, exam, nail trim, etc).  

Update 4/28/17:  Unfortunately Delaney was diagnosed with heart failure today.  We started her on the necessary medications to help her through this and keep her happy and comfortable as long as we can.  She will stay with her foster family as a permanent foster until it is time for her to cross the rainbow bridge.  

July 1, 2017:  Delany lost her battle with heart failure today and crossed over the rainbow bridge.  She was with her foster mom JoEllen at the time, who loved and spoiled her for the past three months.  Please keep JoEllen and her family in your thoughts.  








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