Ivan – July 6th, 2017

8/22/13: Please welcome Ivan! Ivan came from a shelter in AL today. Thank you Cody, Mary and Dawn for getting him to safety. We were contacted by the shelter on Tuesday evening regarding a bullie that was dropped off the day before by someone that lived in the neighborhood. This person came home from work on Monday and found Ivan tied to his front porch with a rope. No one knows where he came from but we know he is going to the good life now! The shelter took him to the vet and began treating his ear infection and dry eye. He is now at our vet and will stay in shelter isolation for two week then move to his foster home. He has a fatty tumor or skin tag on his paw that Dr Ross will addresses along with any other medical issues. We believe he is 3-4 years old. He met a few dogs, cats and kids over the past few days and did fine with all of them.

Update 9/6/13: Ivan had surgery on Thursday to remove the tumors on his paws and legs.  He will move into his foster home tomorrow.

Update 9/7/13: Ivan moved into his foster home today.  The biopsy for his tumors came back benign!  His skin is looking better but not great yet, he will go back to see Dr Ross next week for check up to see if another round of antibiotics is in order.  He seems to be getting along fine with her foster brother Toby, GEBR rescue, but is still pretty curious about the two cats in the house.

Update 10/31/13: Ivan had two skin tags and a mass cell tumor removed today.  He also had two teeth extracted.

Update 11/7/13: The mass cell tumor that we removed last week came back as a grade 2 cancer cell.  Dr Ross did more surgery today to remove additional tissue that was surrounding the tumor, just to me on the safe side.

Update 11/19/13: They signed the paperwork and made it official!  Congrats Ivan, Adrian and Katie!


July 6, 2017:  Ivan crossed the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts. Rest In Peace Ivan.




S Chandler

R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

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