Zeus Carter

6/14/23 – Please welcome Zeus Carter! Zeus Carter’s original owner was no longer able to care for him so they rehomed him but that owner failed to care for him properly and he found himself in the shelter. The original owner found out he was in the shelter and signed the dog over to the shelter then the shelter turned him over to us. He is underweight, covered in fleas and has a skin infection.

6/14/23 – Zeus Carter had surgery today and all went well. He was neutered, had his nares widened and had some of skin above his nose removed. The skin was covering part of his nose and affecting his ability to breathe through his nose. We are working on his skin and ear infections. He are trying some over the counter allergy medication during the summer allergy season to see if that helps with his allergy issues.

7/13/23 – Zeus Carter had his recheck today. Unfortunately, we have not had much success clearing up his ear infections yet. We did a culture today and will change his meds based on the results. We also started him on steroids to see if we can open up the ear canals to better treat the ear infections.

8/8/23 – Zeus Cater saw the vet again today and his ear infections are cleaning up and the ear canals are opening up. We will continue to treat and check again in two weeks.

8/25/26 – Zeus Carter saw the vet again today and his ear infection have cleared up! He will continue over the counter allergy medication through the summer as well and medicated baths.

10/15/23 – Zeus Carter has been adopted. Congrats Zeus Carter and Lozier family! 

approximate age: 5
approximate weight: 40 – a little underweight
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: yes
food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications:
likes: playing with his toys, following his people around the house, lots of attention
dislikes: being left alone
ideal home: he would love a home with a dog and kids and ideally someone that works from home so he has someone to spoil him with attention all day long

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