Whisky – Rainbow Bridge

4/1/14: Please welcome Whisky!  He was dropped off at a shelter near Montgomery, AL last week.  The shelter immediately contacted us about bringing him into our rescue.  So far we know that he is not neutered, needs palate surgery, and is heartworm positive.

He has been in shelter quarantine at Riverside since 4/1 and will be heading to see Dr. Rush this Friday for neuter and palate surgery.  Once he recovers from surgery he will be going back to Riverside for four weeks of heartworm treatment.

We are not yet sure of his age.  We have not seen him around dogs, cats or children.

We will update as we learn more about him.

Update 4/17/14:  Whisky had surgery last Friday. He had masses removed from his chest, face and ear, he was neutered, he had his palate shortened, he had his teeth cleaned and he had one decade tooth removed. He does still have a horrible double ear infections that we will continue to treat.  He is resting at a foster home for a few weeks while we wait on his biopsy results then he will begin heart worm treatment. He seems to get along with the female dog in his foster home but is not interested in playing with her.  He enjoys the older children too (there are no young children or cats in his foster home).  He is a sweet boy!

Update 4/28/14:  Whisky’s biopsy from the three masses he had removed came back benign!

Update 6/25/14: Whisky moved into his foster home last week and things are going ok.  He was a little dominate in the beginning but things are getting better as he settles in.  He is not interested in playing with the other dogs and too much activity from young children seems to annoy him.

He also had a consult with Dr. Cross because he seems to have some trouble with steps.  It has been determined that he has mild to moderate arthritis.  We started him on joint supplements to help with this.

Whisky is ready for adoption.  He would do best in a home with laid back dogs and older children.

Update 8/2/14:  Whisky picked out his forever family!  Congrats Whisky!




B & D Howell




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