Paisley – April 7th, 2014

4/22/13: Please welcome Paisley.  She is a four year old female, abandoned several months ago at a vets office where she sat languishing until a special new vet came to the office.  Paisley is now safe in our care and resting at Dr. Rush’s office awaiting more thorough examination.  On preliminary examination it appears that she has severe dry eye that is in serious need of treatment, possibly entropion (won’t be sure until we clear up the eyes a bit) and a severely infected tail.  More information to come.

Update 4/26/13: Paisley had palate surgery and her tail amputated.  She is recovering at Dr Rush’s and will move to her foster home as soon as she is released.

Update 5/11/13: Paisley was moved from the vet to her foster home.  She is recovering from spay, palate and tail amputation surgery.  She has severe dry eye in both eyes that has never been treated until now.  Dr Rush wants to treat this for a few weeks then decide if she we need to move forward with entropian surgery.

Update 5/18/13: Paisley saw Dr Rush for a check up on her eyes.  She will need to have entropian surgery in a few weeks.  Her last surgery (spay, tail amputation and palate) was a lot on her little body so we will wait a few more weeks before we put her through surgery again.  She also has a tooth that needs to be pulled.  She is healing nicely from her tail amputation and her eyes are responding well to the tacrolimus.

Update 5/7/13: Paisley will have entropian surgery today along with a dental (teeth cleaning and one rotten tooth pulled).

Update 6/14/13: Paisley saw Dr King, the eye dr, today.  She added cyclosporine three times a day and a steroid ointment twice a day to her daily regime of tacrolimus once a day. She will stay on the steroid drops for two months and will stay on the other two drops forever but hopefully over time we can drop the dosage. She likes dogs and kids.  She has not been exposed to cats.

Update 7/5/13: Paisley will be adopted by her foster parents Kelly and Robbie after her next check up with Dr King!

Update 7/8/13: Paisley had a follow up visit with Dr King. Her eyes are looking better but Dr King did add one more medicine to her daily routine.  She will be adopted this weekend!

Update 7/13/13: Paisley has been adopted by her foster family!  Congrats Paisley and Kile family!


P Kasparek & L Kanikova



R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop



April 7, 204: A little over a year ago, a vet who had recently worked with us while a student at UGA Vet School, contacted our rescue for help with a precious little girl she had named Paisley.  Paisley had been abandoned at the vet hospital where she was a new employee.  Paisley languished at this vet hospital for months, without treatment…not even giving her eye drops.  Not only had her owners abandoned her, the vet hospital provided nothing more than the basics…that is until the new vet arrived and  GEBR stepped in.  With the new Vet’s helped, we whisked her out of there and after treatment, into the loving arms of the Kyle family.

Paisley lived her life as a pampered princess and was the tolerant and doting foster sister to Lugnut (as well as Murph, Jeeves and Moses).  She also had two little girls to call her own,  as well as a the best mommy and daddy in the world.

Unfortunately, Paisley developed Colitis in early April and despite aggressive medical care, unexpectedly succumbed to complications from the disease.

Paisley is missed terribly by the family who made the last days of her life, the best days of her life.  We couldn’t have asked for a better home for this sweet girl. Paisley, you will always be Mommy and Daddy’s princess and the apple of your skin sister’s eyes.




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