Darla – July 13th, 2020

6/13/15: Please welcome Wanda!  She found herself at a shelter in Gainesville, Ga. Nobody came looking for her so the shelter called us when her stray hold was up.  Susan and Ty picked her up the next day.
She has ear and eye infections as well as a skin infection and double cherry eyes.  She will spend two weeks in shelter quarantine.  She will be spayed, have her cherry eyes corrected and receive all the vet care she needs while she is there.  She will move into her foster home once her quarantine time is up.
The shetler beleives she is five years old.  We do not know at this time if she likes dogs, cats or children.
Update 8/4/15:  Wanda is having her cherry eye repaired for the third time today.  It popped out after both of the other surgeries.  She was spayed a few weeks back and had a mammary tumor removed.  The tumor did come back as cancer and we did not get clear margins.  So Dr Ross went back in two weeks later to remove more of the tissue.  She is in the clear now.
She spent two weeks in a home with a young bulldog and two older golden retrievers.  It is hard to tell if she actually liked them or not!  There were moments when she did but also moments when she did not.  She was also with two skin brothers.  She is not a fan of load noises (door closing to loudly, boys playing too loudly, etc.).  She calms down once she knows things are ok but the noise definitely gets her riled up.  We think a home with older kids might be better for her.  She is very fond of the couch!
Update 9/1/15:  Wanda picked out her new parents!  Congrats Wanda, Maimarie and Darryl!

July 13, 2020:  Darla (formally Wanda) crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.  

Rest In Peace Darla

E Evans

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