Miles – July 19th, 2020

3/23/2015: Please welcome Miles! Miles is a breeder surrender from Elgin, SC. Miles was born 2/3/2015. Miles breeder believed that he was a swimmer and prolapsed rectum. Miles is not current with his vaccinations.

Miles was seen today by Martinez Animal hospital. Dr. Brown stated that both of Miles rear legs knees are turned in the wrong direction. Dr. Brown showed the foster parent therapy to be done at home to help turn his knees and legs into the correct postion, and to lo…osen them, so that he will be able to get up on his legs. Miles front legs are beginning to knuckle due to the lack of use of his rear legs. Dr. Brown believes the legs are fixable with alot of therapy. Miles will be receiving around the clock therapy every 2 hours-24 hours a day.

Miles does have a rash on his underside in which is due to laying in his own feces and urine, with a combination of Miles dragging his rear end across the ground. Miles is receiving medicated baths and diaper rash ointment to heal his skin.

Miles is unable to have bowel movements. His foster is currently having to assist in clearing of his anus. The vet is unsure of what the cause of this at this time. It could be due to lack of mobility causing constipation and worms or could possibly be something neurological.

Miles will be seen by Dr. Rush at DeKalb Animal Hospital on tomorrow for a second opinion on Miles anus issues and general current health conditions.

Update 3/24/2015: Miles was seen by Dr. Rush at DeKalb Animal Hospital. Dr. Rush agrees with Dr. Brown at Martinez Animal hospital that the legs will require therapy and will be fixable after much needed therapy. Dr. Rush suspects constipation and worms as a cause for the anus issues and possible hernia. Dr. Rush wants to reevaluate the anus once Miles is up on his feet and walking. Currently Miles is having to be manually stimulated under warm water, and receiving warm water enemas to have bowel movements. Miles is receiving around the clock therapy for his legs. Miles skin is already showing improvement as well as the swelling of his anus has improved in 24 hours.

Update 4/2/2015: Miles was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital Dr. Brown on Monday of this week. Dr.Brown was really impressed in Miles progress in such a short time frame. Miles is up officially walking now on all 4. Dr. Brown now has concern for Miles rear leg flexibility due to the lack of bend. Dr. Brown showed the foster parent new physical therapy technique to try and help loosen the ligaments surrounding the knees to try and get movement in them. This is very important that the leg is able to bend or Miles could end up with permanent disability of his rear legs. Miles prolapsed rectum appears to have healed itself. He still has quite a bit of swelling in his anus area and still requires assistance with bowel movements. Miles received his 1st set of puppy immunizations. Miles will return to the vet next week for further follow-up and more rehabilitation evaluations.

Update 4/9/2015: Miles was seen by Martinez Animal hospital today for x-rays of his spine and rear legs. Miles was diagnosed to have a congenital malformation of pelvis and both rear legs. Spine showed no abnormalities or misalignment. Pelvis lacks full formation, no acetabulum, lack femoral head & neck, no communication or lacking coxofemoral joint. Miles is unable to defecate without assistance and leaks urine. Miles has edema and swelling around the rectum. The vet has concerns for Miles quality of life as he gets older. Vet has made a referral for Miles to be seen by University of Georgia for further testing.

Update 4/15/15:  Sweet baby Miles has Spina Bifida. His hips are strong but the quadricep muscles are not growing and atrophied, not allowing much movement in his knees. We can continue physical therapy to correct his deformities but we can’t change what he wasn’t born with, appropriate innervation through the lumbar spine.  From this point on, we will focus on weight gain and bowel training.  Melissa has done a wonderful job correcting the deformities in his front legs and correcting most of the deformity in his back legs with nutrients and PT. Now that we have our diagnosis, we focus on preparing him for the rest of his life.

Update:5/8/15: Miles was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital because he was having abnormal bowel movements. Blood work showed that Miles had an infection and was placed on antibiotics.

Update 5/26/15: Miles was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital for his follow-up & to receive his last set of puppy boosters and rabies. Dr. Brown stated he was clear from his infection and ready for adoption.

Update 8/3/15: Miles is continuing to gain weight and thrive on the raw diet. Miles is currently 6 months old and weights 17lbs. Miles is very independent and likes to run around and play. He loves ICE!

Miles requires around the clock care because he has Spinal Bifa. Miles has bowel & urine incontinence which requires him to wear a diaper and will need his diapers changed often to prevent infection and rashes. Miles is unable to empty his bladder fully and will need assistance in expressing his bladder. Miles is currently eating a raw diet which has controlled his bowel movements to only 2 times a day in very small solid amount. Miles has deformity to his rear limbs in which they are unable to bend at the knee. Miles is able to stand, walk, run, and hop to get around and not in need of wheels at this time. Miles has no daily medications or supplements requirements at this time.

Update 8/18/15:  Miles picked out his new parents today!  Congrats Miles, Nichole and Rob!

July 19, 2020:  Miles crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.  

Rest In Peace Miles

approximate age: 6 months
approximate weight: 17 pounds
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes children: yes
food: Blue Ridge Beef RAW diet
life long medications: none


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