10/22/17:  Please welcome Walter!  Someone purchased him on Craigslist and gave him to the rescue.  He needs to be neutered and have his palate shortened.

He turned one year old in August.  He likes dog and young children but we do not know how he feels about cats.

Update 10/27/17:  Walter can not poop!  We did x rays the other day and discovered he was full of poop and has megacolon.  He had surgery today to have his palate shortened, he was neutered and cleaned out his colon.

Update 11/14/17:  Walter still has not been pooping on his own. He has had many enemas and medications to help with this issue.  He saw the internal medicine specialist today and it has been decided we will change his food and increase his medications.  He will also have his tail amputated next week.

Update 11/21/17:  Walter has his tail amputation surgery today and all went well.  We will continue to monitor his colon issues and adjust his food and medications until we get this issue resolved the best that we can.

Update 3/8/18:  We believe we have found a good combination of food and medications to keep Walter “regular”.  Of course this is no guarantee and may change over time but for now things seems to be working for him.  He is currently eating canned prescription EN food and getting lactulose and cisapride every eight hours.  These will all be lifelong things for Walter.  He may be able to transition to dry prescription food, but he will always need prescription food.  He may also be able to have less lactulose and less cisapride over time but he will always need both medications.  He may also need to have additional laxatives and/or need enimas from time to time.  Other than his butt being a little sore from being wiped clean he is super happy and playful!

He does have some hard feelings towards his foster brothers and has been known to pick fights on occasion but he would do well in a home with any other laid back dogs.  We do not know how he feels about cats or young children.

Update 8/18/18:  Walter packed his bags and moved to Al with his new family.  Congrats Walter and Cruz family!


approximate age: 1

approximate weight: 40

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: n/a

likes children: n/a

food: Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EN Gastroenteric Formula wet and dry prescription food

lifelong medications: lactulose, cisapride 




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