10/14/17:  Please welcome Brody!  His owners had a second child and there was not enough time left for him.  He has a skin infection, he needs to be vaccinated and neutered.

He is five years old.  He likes dogs, cats and children.

Update 10/16/17:  Brody was neutered today and all went well!

Update 11/1/17:  Brody saw the orthopedic specialist today.  He has been dragging his back feet when he walks.  The orthopedic specialist consulted with the neurologist.  The dragging of his feet is neurological; likely a damaged disk.  Not knowing how old it is or the damage they do not feel sure surgery is a good option.  They have added rimadyl twice a day and we will watch him over the next few weeks.  If things go well with his foster sister then he will be adopted by his foster family.

Update 4/2/18: Brody has been adopted by his foster family. Congrats Brody and Rodie family!



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