8/2/22 – Please welcome Violet! Violet was turned over to rescue by her breeder because of vision issues. She is three months old and otherwise in good health. She will see the eye specialist for evaluation in a few weeks.

9/1/22 – Violet’s vision seems to be normal now! We are not certain how, but she will still see the eye specialist in a few weeks to confirm there is no underlying issues.

9/14/22 – Violet saw the eye specialist today…History: There were concerns over a month ago that Violet was not properly tracking objects and having to follow other dogs closely to find her way. Over the past 4-5 weeks she seems to be acting more like a normal puppy and the same issues have not been observed. There was a question if her pupils were responding normally to light at one point, that seems fine now as well. She is comfortable with both eyes and there is no redness or discharge. No current medications.

JTL Diagnostic Tests: OD = right eye, OS = left eye, OU = both eyes Schirmer tear test = 25 mm/minute OU; normal is 15-25 mm/minute Intraocular pressure = 16 mmHg OU (TonoVet) at 10:05 am by JTL; normal is 15-25 mmHg

Exam Findings: All of Violet’s test values are normal, and both eyes are visual and comfortable here in the exam room today. Everything about Violet’s eye exam is normal. Her pupils respond normally to light and there are no abnormalities in Violet’s eyelids, corneas, lenses or retinas. It’s possible that she was mildly oxygen deprived (hypoxic) at birth causing temporary vision impairment. But, there is no evidence of that at the present time.

10/8/22 – Violet has been adopted.  Congrats Violet and Boyd family!

approximate age: 3 months
approximate weight: 7 pounds
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: yes
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none that we are aware of at this moment

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