Twyla – August 24, 3017

7/17/14:  Please welcome Twyla! She has been used and dumped by a breeder for profit (pc for backyard breeder).  Now she sits in a shelter fighting for her life and the shelter and shelter volunteers were begging  for help to save her.    She’s only 5 but looks much older because of her hard life.  The shelter believes she just recently had pups, too.  She is sweet, calm, potty trained and heartworm negative.

All she needs is a chance…….a chance to prove that she’s much more than a puppy machine, a chance to smother you in kisses and slobber, a chance to make you fall madly in love and a chance to become the diva she was born to be.  She is spending two weeks in shelter quarantine.  She is now spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.
Dr Ross believes she is between 3-4 years old.
Update 8/5/14:  Twyla finished her time in shelter quarantine and moved into her foster home.  She was a bit constipated at the vet so she is taking medication for that.  Hopefully when she finishes the medication she will be all better.  She is a big boned girl with a large frame.  She currently weighs 73 pounds but she is not overweight.  She has saggy nipples from all the nursing she has done in the past.
She does not seem to mind her foster brother or sister or the cat in the house.  Although there has been a few altercations.  She loves cuddle time with her 13 year old human foster sister.
Update 3/5/15:  Twyla and her foster brother were no seeing eye to eye so she moved into a foster home where she could be the only dog. She is enjoying all of the attention.  But she also has a small dog friend that she enjoys too.  She does not mind cats but we found out she is allergic to cat dander.  She is also allergic to salmon (among other things) so we switched her from Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream to Natural Balance Duck and Potato.  She was having reoccurring itchy bumps all over her body.  They would go away while on antibiotics but came back instantly once she was off of the them.  We are hopeful that the food change will  clear up any skin issues if not we will tackle them too!
Update 6/17/15:  Twyla is enjoying the good life with GEBR.  But she has had her share of skin infections over the past few months.  Each time she finishes her round of antibiotics another infection comes up.  We have started her on NuVet supplements and Pearls probiotics.  She has been on them for a month and a half now and off all other medications for two weeks now and she is infection free.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the NuVet and Pearls do the trick for her!  She is waiting patiently for her perfect forever family!

Update 2/26/16:  Twyla got into the trash a little bit ago and had to have emergency surgery today to remove somethings that she ate.  She will spend the next few days at the ER under 24 hour care.

Update 3/22/16:  Twyla is recovering fine from her obstruction surgery but has an abscess on her back that we are monitoring closely.

Update 8/25/16:  Twyla is doing great but still waiting for her perfect family to adopt her.    


August 24, 2017: Twyla crossed over the rainbow bridge today. Rest In Peace Twyla

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