Helena – August 23, 2017

8/27/13: Meet a very sweet girl, whose eyes tell a story of a broken spirit and a broken heart.  We were notified of Helena this past weekend.  She was a stray, picked up by a Camden SC shelter.  Helena is in pretty bad shape and has obviously been neglected and abused for quite some time. She has horrible itchy skin, a horrible skin infection and it appears that some bastard filed down her teeth!!! Yes, those brown spots in the middle of each tooth is decay and possibly exposed nerve. Puppymills or backyard breeders do this so that the dogs can’t injure anyone while they are being forcibly bred.   It broke our hearts and made me cry….not an easy task! We are still assessing Helena’s medical needs and will have more information as it becomes available.

Update 10/8/13: Helena was spayed and had some teeth extracted on 9/27.  She moved into her foster home yesterday.  She gets to hang out with GEBR alum Wilber.  She is on two meds for her mouth and spray for her skin.  Her skin looks amazing compared to what it looked like in August when she came into rescue.  She has gained some weight but can still afford to gain a few more pounds. Helena will be adopted by her foster family this weekend!
Update 11/29/13: Jackie and Robert signed the paperwork and have officially become “foster failures”.  Congrats Helena and Searl family!
August 23, 2017:  Helena crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.  Rest in peace Helena.  
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