Barkley – March 11th, 2021

3/5/15:  Please welcome Tator Tor!  Her family came into financial trouble and could not afford vet care any longer so they surrendered her to GEBR.  She needs to be vaccinated and spayed.  She has dry eye that has gone untreated or some time.   By the looks of her skin she probably has a grain allergy as well.

She is five years old.  She likes dogs and children but we do not know if she likes cats.

Update 3/9/15:  Tator Tot had her spay surgery today and all went well.  We started treating her dry eye with cyclosporine eye drops and they are already looking better.  She is now up to date on her vaccinations and on a grain free diet.  She is also on antibiotics to clear up her skin.

She has an adopter lined up and will be moving to Florida in a few weeks when she recovers from surgery.

Update 3/22/15:  Tator Tot packed her bags and moved to FL with her new parents and GEBR alum Duncan (now known as Rondo).  Congrats Tator Tot, Rondo, Mike and Jessica!

March 11, 2021: Barkley, formally known as Tator Tot, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Barkley