Sweet Angel

9/23/22 – Please welcome Sweet Angel! Sweet Angel was picked up as a stray and turned over to us by the shelter. She does have a microchip, but it was not registered. She is a bit underweight, but we are working on that. We are treating her for an upper respiratory infection. She will be spayed and have airway surgery once her respiratory infection clears up.

10/27/28 – Sweet Angel had surgery today and all went well. She was spayed, had her palate shortened, had her saccules removed, had her nares widened and had her teeth cleaned.

12/22/22 – Sweet Angel has been adopted.  Congrats Sweet Angel and Scott!


approximate age: 5
approximate weight: 30
likes dogs: she is fine with them but not super playful
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: yes but she jumps on people for attention and is reactive to people reaching for her so she will only be placed in a home with older kids
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none
likes: Balls, bones, soft fluffy beds, treats, affection
dislikes: being told what to do, hands reaching for her harness make her nervous and reactive at times
ideal home: Quiet house with not a lot of activity, fenced backyard, squishy dog bed, no kids (or older kids)

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