Nova Love

10/8/22 – Please welcome Nova Love! Nova Love was being sold by her breeder. Someone purchased her and turned her over to rescue so she could get the care and love she deserves. She is a few pounds overweight, has an eye infection and a few hot spots on her skin that need to be cleared up. We are treating her for a bladder infection.

10/18/22 – Nova Lova has not been feeling well the past few days. We did bloodwork which shows her protein levels were off and she has an area of concern on her x-ray. She will have an ultrasound done tomorrow so we can get a better idea what is going on with her.

10/19/22 – The Ultrasound shows that Nova Love has chronic inflammation of her stomach lining and small intestines. We will treat these issues for a few weeks then move forward with her surgery.

12/1/22 – Nova Love is feeling much better and was able to have surgery today. She was spayed, had her palate shortened, had her saccules removed, had her nares widened, had entropion surgery on both lower eye lids and had her teeth cleaned.

2/18/23 – Nova Love has been adopted.  Congrats Nova Love and Sims family!


approximate age: 2
approximate weight: 48
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: she is not fond of the one in her foster home
likes kids: she is good with older kids but a little too much for the little ones, she would do well in a home with kids over 8 year old
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: she is currently on Pepcid, unsure yet if this will need to be lifelong
likes: doing her happy dance when her food is being served, hard bones to chew on, sitting by the fireplace, sitting in her crate with her Bully Blanket watching everything going on outside through the front window of her foster home
dislikes: we have not noticed much other than her dislike for the cat in her foster home
ideal home: a place with a dog she can play with, and couch she can cuddle with her humans on


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