Stan – April 19th, 2022

8/10/21 – Please welcome Stan! He was found as a stray a few years ago and has been in a loving home since then. Recently he and the dominant female dog in the home have been fighting resulting in injury. The owner decided it wasn’t fair to either of the dogs to continue living together so she reached out for help finding Stan the perfect home.

He is already neutered and had back surgery after being stepped on by a horse. He was completely paralyzed after the injury but with extensive rehab and bodywork after surgery he does have full mobility again. He is fully recovered from this surgery, but he will remain on pain medication and arthritis medication for life. He would also benefit from ongoing massage and bodywork sessions.

During our initial exam our vet heard a slight heart murmur so we did and x-ray and an ultrasound in house and noticed what we thought was a mass pushing on his heart. We brought in a specialist to do an Echocardiogram/thoracic ultrasound. The specialist did not see a mass on or near the heart, but there is a mildly decreased contractility with equivocal left atrial enlargement. He is suggesting that Stan stay on a grain-free diet and plan on a recheck echocardiogram in 3-6 months to reassess the contractility or sooner if any clinical signs develop. At this time no further treatment or medications are needed.

8/18/21 – Stan had surgery today and all went well. he had his palate shortened, his teeth cleaned, and two teeth extracted.

An ideal home for him is one without dominate dogs. His adopters will need to continue his medications and massage / therapy to help him feel his best after his traumatic surgery.

1/25/22 – Unfortinelty Stan has been diagnosed with heart failure on Monday.  We drained three liters of fluid from his abdomen today.  We also stared him on lasix and vetmedin.  We will do what we can to keep him happy and comfortable for as long as we can.


April 19, 2022 – Stan crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Rest In Peace Stan


approximate age: 6
approximate weight: 51
likes dogs: yes, but prefers not to live with dominate female dogs
likes cats: yes
likes kids: he has been around kids ages eight and above
food: Purina Pro Plan Turkey and Rice
lifelong medications: gabapentin, previcox, fish oil supplements

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