Bruno – May 12th, 2022

11/9/14:  Please welcome Dopey!  Dopey’s previous owner is a single mom of two with a third child on the way.  She didn’t feel that she had time for Dopey any longer so she asked us to take him in.  How could we say no to the big sweet face!  Amanda picked him up and he will be spending the night at her house then going to the vet in the morning.

Dopey is not up to date on his vaccinations, he is not neutered, he needs cherry eye surgery and he has an untreated skin infection.  He is happy to sit on your lap and let you rub his butt but he is a little fearful about all of the change in his life.

He is 1 1/2 years old.  He likes dogs and children.  He has never met a cat.

Update 11/10/14:  Dopey made his way to Dr Rush’s this morning and had surgery.  Dr Rush shortened his palate, neutered him and fixed his cherry eye.  He diagnosed him with dry eye and we began treating him with tacrolimus eye drops.  He is also on antibiotics for his skin infection.  He is moving into his foster home this afternoon.  He will go back to see Dr Rush’s in two weeks for a recheck and to have his stitches removed.  If all looks good at that time he will be cleared for adoption then.

Update 11/30/14:  Dopey got a new family and a new name!  His new family will be calling him Bruno.  Congrats Tobin family!

May 12, 2022 – Bruno (formally known as Dopey) crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Bruno


C Wright

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