Sampson – August 5th, 2018

4/19/14: Please welcome Sampson!. He’s a 7 year old male owner surrender with bladder stones. Sampson’s owners have found themselves in tight financial straights because of job loss and can no longer afford his care. They love Samson dearly and as difficult as it is for them, they have decided to do what’s best for Sampson. Sampson is currently at his vet’s office after having undergone surgery to remove bladder and urethra stones. We wanted to bring him to Atlanta for treatment but his condition became an emergency with urinary obstruction and fever. His former owners will foster him through post operative recovery because of the importance of keeping near his current vet and when stable will be transferred to Atlanta.

6/2/14: Sampson is finally feeling better from his bladder stone surgery (there were some post surgery complications too) and was able to travel to Atlanta today. He will get a check up from our vet then move into his foster home. Thanks for getting him here safely Darlene!
Update 6/5/14: Sampson moved into his foster home last night.  Dr Rush put him on the correct food for his bladder stones and he will need to have a urine test done in two weeks.  He has an infection in his face folds and paws that we are treating with antibiotics.  He has a tight tail pocket that will require daily cleaning to keep it dry and to keep away infection. He is 5 pounds overweight so his foster dad will work on that!  He is a sweet boy and seems to get along fine with his foster brother.
Update 6/23/14: Sampson’s last urine test came back negative for stones and crystals! He will be adopted by his foster family soon!
Update 8/10/14:  Sampson has been adopted by his foster dad.  Congrats Samson, James and Radar!
Update 7/18/17: Sampson is back with GEBR! His owner had to leave the country to care for an elderly sick parent. He is on a strick diet and gets regular checks to make sure his stones do not form again.
Update 10/15/17:  Sampson has been adopted by his foster family.  Congrats Sampson and Carlin family!

approximate age: 10

approximate weight: 50

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: n/a

likes children: yes

food: Purine One, Turkey and Venison 

lifelong medications: joint supplements, apoquel for allergies 


August 5, 2018: Sampson crossed over the rainbow bridge unexpectedly today. Please keep his family on your thoughts. 


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