LeRoy – August 2nd, 2018

Pachino is a 3 yo male who’s lived a pampered life but due to family changes, needed to find a new home.  He is sweet and gets along with other dogs.  No major health issues but still has those two little things hanging between his back legs.  He is in a foster home and loving the freedom of a big backyard to explore and attention. Very well mannered and loves to play with stuffed animals.   He does have a bit of a “humping issue” but should get better after he is neutered, the excitement of the last few weeks has died down and he settles in with consistent correction.  His pictures do not do him justice, he is more beautiful in person.

Update 2/24/12:  Pachino, now known as Leroy Brown Rice, was neutered this morning.  He is awake and doing fine.  Once he is fully recovered he will be adopted by his foster parents.


August 2, 2018: LeRoy crosse over the rainbow bridge unexpectedly today. Please keep his family on your thoughts.