9/15/21 – Please welcome Ruckus! We headed to Fulton County Animal Control this morning to pick up this emaciated little fella with horrible eyes. He only weighs 10.8 pounds. At first glance we assumed he was a puppy but he has all of his adult teeth and we think he is about a year and half old. X rays looks like has bronchitis not pneumonia. We are going to start him on enrofloxacin, amoxiclav and temaril-p to help with mucus and inflammation. He is emancipated and dehydrated. We will start him on fluids for the dehydration. We will feed him many small meals throughout the day to not overwhelm his body with too much food too quickly. His right eye has a cherry eye and an injury. He left eye has an ulcer. We sent out blood work and urinalysis and should have those test results tomorrow. His fecal test and heartworm test are both negative. He is very sweet and just wants love and attention.

9/21/21 – Ruckus has been with a week now and is getting stronger each day. He is up three pounds! We are feeding him small meals every few hours. His blood work looks good. We are still treating the eye ulcer.

10/6/21 – Ruckus us gaining weight and feeling great!  His is up to 20 pounds now!  

10/19/21 – Ruckus had surgery today and all went well.  He was neutered, had his palate shortened, had his saccules removed and his cherry eye tacked down.  

11/21/21 – Ruckus has been adopted.  Congrats Ruckus, Jackie and Cole!

approximate age: 1 1/2
approximate weight: only 10.4 pounds at intake but is up to 20 pounds now
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: he has meet a cat at the vet clinic he wants to play with him
likes kids: he has spend some time around kids ages 2 – 6
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none at this time

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