Prissy – July 18, 2011

Prissy was the cherished pet of Gary, Kelley and Eva Hollowell, adopted 2 years ago from Adopt-a-Bull Rescue in FL.  Prissy was the first personal rescue by GEBR director, Ruthann Phillips, well before GEBR was a reality.

Under Kelley’s care, Prissy blossomed into a beautiful girl.  She had a wonderful life filled with love and security,  something she hadn’t known for much of her life.  Prissy was instrumental in bringing Kelley, Ruthann and Jenn with Florida English Bulldog Rescue together, leading to the creation of Georgia English Bulldog Rescue and The Bully Ball.  Prissy had no idea how important she was, she only cared that she had love, a warm place to lay her head, and a full belly.   She has helped hundreds of other bulldogs reach safety and enabled us to provide much needed medical care.

Prissy succumbed to a malignancy that hid well and progressed quickly.  She was with her loved ones, holding her in their arms as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Even though Prissy is gone, her legacy will live on through  GEBR and The Bully Ball.  Hundreds, maybe even thousands of bulldogs will benefit from her very existence well after all of us have crossed the bridge.

Prissy, we miss you every day,  there is a hole in our learts that will never be filled.