Arthur was our very first English bulldog –  we got him as a puppy from J & J Bulldogs in Coker Alabama.  He was born Sept 19, 2004 and passed away on August 21, 2010.  He was the love of our life.  I have attached the blog link that tells what he did for our family.

An excerpt from the blog:

“Little did we know at the time what an impact this bulldog would have on our lives. We did not know that he would be the vessel that the Lord would use to mold us into a family. That he would be the tool that would make our house a home.”

He had a panic attack while being boarded due to the water damage at our house (mold cleanup was being performed and we had to live in a hotel for a week)  He died two days into being boarded – he was on medication for anxiety separation but for whatever reason he panicked – they rushed him to the vet that we use and it was too late…..our hearts were broken and still are!


Laurel Burns