6/20/2015- Please welcome Pookie! Pookie was born on 4/23/2015 and was surrendered by her breeder to GEBR at 7 weeks of age so that she could receive the care she needed with her legs. Both of Pookies front legs are deformed & knuckling. Pookie also has worms and very underweight for her age. She only weights 2lbs9oz.

Update 6/22/2015- Pookie was seen by Dr.Brown at Martinez Animal Hospital today. Dr. Brown stated that Pookie has pinworms & Giardia infection of her GI & was placed on antibiotics and KPS to firm up her stool. Pookie also had X-rays done today which showed that her right elbow is completely out of socket. With physical therapy technique we should be able to rotate it back into the socket. Her left elbow needs to be turned into the correct position in which physical therapy will accomplish. Once Physical therapy accomplishes placing the elbows into the correct positions then the vet stated she will be placed in braces to help straighten the legs. Pookie will begin physical therapy every 2 hours around the clock on Wednesday once her tummy discomfort improves. Pookie received her 1st set of puppy shots today, and beginning a very nutritional diet with supplements to help her gain weight and help strengthen her legs.

Update 7/2/2015: Pookie was reevaluated at the vets for her front legs. The vet suggested another week of therapy. Pookies left leg is 98% straight now and completely flexes down. Her left elbow rotates back in socket and her ligaments are almost strong enough to hold it in place. Her right elbow is still completely out of socket and her ligaments need to strengthen to hold into place. Her right leg is now straight in front of her instead of bent under her. Pookie now weights a little over 5lbs.

Update 7/14/2015: Pookie went to the vets today for her 2nd series of puppy vaccines and a follow-up on her legs. Pookie legs are progressing nicely. Her left leg is within the socket but beginning to turn slightly out due to the ligaments and muscles tightening to hold it in place so we are going to have to loosen those muscles back up and get it turn more inward. Her right elbow is still completely out of socket but her leg has straightened front ward. The vet showed the foster a new physical therapy technique to try and get the elbow into socket and strengthen the ligaments around it to hold it into place. Pookie is beginning to be able to move her her shoulders side to side more freely. Pookie has gained a little over 4lbs in the 3-weeks that she has been in GEBR care. She now weights 6lbs 8 1/2ozs.

Update 8/5/2015: Pookie was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital on yesterday for her 3rd series of puppy vaccines and follow-up on her legs. Dr. Brown suggested that Pookie be seen by a specialist for her legs that he believes she will need surgery. Pookie legs have straightened completely now but her elbows are completely out of socket. Her joints can be fully rotated into socket but they will not stay. Her right leg is worse then her left. Pookie will be seen by an Orthodpedic specialist in 2-weeks. Pookie now weights 10lbs4ozs.

Update 8/19/15:  Pookie saw orthopedic specialist Dr Cross today. She was diagnosed with bilateral congenital elbow luxations and bilateral shoulder dysplasia with medial luxation.   After exam and reviewing her x-rays we are not certain that surgery will correct her orthopedic issues.  Dr Cross also discussed her case with fellow orthopedic surgeons and they all agreed that trying to get her elbows back in joint is not a reasonable approach. It has been tried on dogs with less severe elbows than hers and have not had much success. The only surgical option we are considering is fusing her elbows so that she can walk upright. The concern with this approach is that her shoulders are not normal, not anywhere close, so she may not be able to walk due to her shoulders even if we get her elbows corrected. Dr Cross suspects the chances of “success” are less than 50/50. She will see him monthly for the next few months before we decide if fusing her elbows is the right way to go. She is not in any pain and she is mobile.

Update 9/15/16:  Pookie has been approved for 3D printed prosthetic legs.  She has her training legs now and is practicing a little each day.  Once she is completely comfortable with the training legs she will her 3D printed legs that will allow her to walk just like all the other bullies!

Update 1/15/17:  Pookie is doing great with her training legs and should be getting her 3D printed legs soon!

Update 8/5/19:  Pookis has been adopted by her foster family.  Congrats Pookie, Cara and Jason!

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