6/9/2015: Please welcome Chanel! Chanel is a military owner surrender. Owners stated she is crate trained, but been stubborn with house breaking, but does goes outside to potty. Chanel is current with her vaccines, heartworm negative, but has developed some health issues that the owners are unable to financial care for at this time and preparing to move overseas again. Her family made the very emotional decision to surrender her to rescue so that she could receive the medical care she needed.Chanel is being evaluated at Martinez Animal hospital. Chanel has an ulcer of her right eye that has been prolonged medically neglected in which has caused scar tissue to cover the ulcer. Chanel is being referred to UGA for a consultation to see if her eye can be saved or will need to be removed. Chanel has food allergies and seasonal alopecia. Channel is scheduled to be spayed on Thursday.

Chanel is 4 1/2 years old.  She has never lived with another dog so we are unsure at this time if she likes dogs or cats. She has been around children ages 5 years and younger.

Update 6/17/15: Her eye is looking much better already!  We are currently treating her eye with three eye medications.  She has not gone potty in the house!  Her foster mom will be working with her on basic commands. She’s so playful and loves giving kisses and also loves being around people! She gets along with the other dogs in her house.  She does not care for loud noises.  And of course she is a little Diva!

Update 7/15/15: Chanel visited UGA today to have her eyes further evaluated. The UGA vets stated that it appears she has suffered from dry eye disease for a long time.  Also, that she is need of entropion eye surgery due to both of her lower eye lids rolling under causing constant irritation to her eyes that may have caused the ulcer to her right eye. Left eye has 90% scarring which impairs her vision. She will be placed on a new treatment plan of Optimmune eye medication. They recommended that we stay on the same medication we are currently using for the right eye. They believe over time the scar tissue covering the right eye will reduce or even go away completely by itself. After Chanel has her entropion surgery completed UGA recommends that we retest her tear production in both eyes in 4-6 weeks to reevaluate medication treatment plan.

Chanel is settling in great with her foster family. She is very laid back temperament and lazy. Her socialization skills with the other bulldogs in the home have improved. She seems to like bulldogs the same height as her in size, not larger then her.

Update 8/6/2015: Chanel had her stitches removed from her entropion eye surgery she had 2 weeks ago. Chanel will follow-up with the vet on 8/12/15 for a dry eye test to make sure that we have her on the correct eye medication treatment plan.

Chanel foster stated that Chanel would be best if she was in a home with no other dogs. Chanel doesn’t like to share her attention with other fur siblings. Chanel would do great in a home with older children, she loves children.

Update 4/9/16: Chanel has been adopted by her foster family. Congrats Chanel and Tiffany!


approximate age: 5

approximate weight: 63

likes dogs: yes and no – she would prefer to be an only child

likes cats: no

likes children: yes

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medication: tacrolimus and cyclosporine for dry eye




L Murphy



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