Obi – September 24th, 2015

8/13/15:  Please welcome Obi!  Obi was picked up as a stray by animal control in Alabama.  His owners knew he was there but they did not want to pay the fine to get him back.  A local animal rescuer pulled him from the shelter and brought him to the vet and to her home.  She contacted us to take him in. He has a cherry eye and needs to be neutered.  He also has untreated dry eye.

We believe he is six years old.  He likes other dogs and cats.  We have seen him around children over the age of six and he enjoys them.

Update 8/14/15: Obi has elevated kidney enzymes (meaning his kidneys are not working properly).  He will spend the next few days at the vet on fluids.  We have also started him a prescription diet for kidney care.

Update 8/17/15: Obi’s kidney enzymes were at a good level today!  We will check again tomorrow and the next day.  If things still look good he will move into his foster home on Wednesday.  We will hold off surgery for a few weeks while we monitor him.

September 24, 2015: Obi came into rescue in mid August, 2015. He had been pulled from the shelter by an independent rescuer in Alabama to save him from the unthinkable. You see, Obi’s owners knew he was at the shelter but wouldn’t pay the shelter fees to get him out.
The rescuer knew that Obi needed specialized care and contacted GEBR.
Obi needed general bulldog medical care but on initial bloodwork was found to have some degree of kidney failure. This was temporarily corrected with fluids and a renal diet. These measures improved his condition but the improvement was only temporary, his kidney failure progressed. His condition deteriorated quickly and he was suffering.
We had to make the dreaded decision to end Obi’s suffering on Friday morning.
Obi was a lovebug, we wish we could have gotten to you sooner big boy. But, in the end, it’s not the quantity of time you’re with us but the quality of that time.
He was loved, he was cherished and at the end he was surrounded by those who loved him.
Please keep the Wilkins family in your thoughts and prayers, Obi’s foster family who stood beside him until the end.



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