Gerti – September 20th, 2015

8/13/13: Please welcome Gerti! Gerti found herself in a shelter in LaGrange, GA. She has been there since 7/31 and no one came to claim her. We were informed about her yesterday afternoon and as of an hour ago she is safe at our vets’ office. Thank you Vanessa for busting her out of the shelter today.

She has eye infections, skin infections, heartworm positive, severe hip dysplasia and severe arthritis of her lower spine. To complicate matters even more she is showing weakness in the hind end from the spinal issues.

We have started prednisone today to treat the lameness and as an added benefit, it will prepare her for heartworm treatment and treating her skin infection. We will observe Gertie closely over the next several days to be sure the prednisone is working to reduce the inflammation around her spinal cord. There is a possibility she may need orthopedic surgery in her future.  Our vet believes she is between 6-7 years old.

Update 9/5/13: Gerti was transferred from Dr Ross’s to Dr Rush’s this afternoon so she can be spayed and have palate surgery tomorrow. After surgery she will rest for a few weeks at her foster home then go back to Dr Ross’s for HW treatment.

Update 9/6/13: Gerti had surgery today.  It turns out she was already spayed but needed her palate shortened and her saccules removed.  She also got her teeth cleaned and two rotten ones removed.

Update 9/9/13: Gerti went to her foster home today for some relaxation!  She will go back to Dr Ross’s in a few weeks for HW treatment.

Update 10/17/13: Gerti finished her HW treatment.

Update 11/19/13: Gerti had a consult with Dr Cross.  He said that he can feel arthritis in both elbow and both hips and that she also has tares in both knees.  He does not recommend knee surgery because of her age and everything else that is going on with her. But did recommend PRP joint injections or pulse therapy.  Neither are long term fixes; there is no long term fix.  But both options will last 3-6 months and should make her feel better.  She will have the procedure on 11/25.  We will continue giving her the joint supplements and carprofin each day.

She will be available for adoption after her procedure.  If this works for her then it will be something we strongly recommend her adopters continue to do for her in the future.

Update 1/3/14: Gerti struggles with some potty issues but she will pee on a pee pad.  She gets along with other dogs although she is not too playful.  She loves to lay on the couch and cuddle!

Update 5/20/14:  It has been decided that Gerti will live out the remainder of her days with her foster parents Howard and Santa as a GEBR permanent foster.  She is about to hit “senior” age and is happy where she is at!  Thank you for loving her Howard and Santa!


September 20, 2015:  About three years ago a precious little female senior bulldog was picked up after walking the streets of LaGrange, GA. She sat in Animal Control for several weeks waiting to be saved because her owners never came looking for her. Finally, GEBR was contacted and Gertie made her way to Atlanta, and safety. Suffering from very poor eye sight, horrible arthritis and, we found out later, partially paralyzed vocal cords, we decided to make Gertie a permanent foster. The last couple of years Gertie lived with one of our greatest and most caring foster parents, Howard and Sandy Deese. With them, she truly led the princess life. Gertie was pampered, loved and lastly, died in Howard’s arms just a few hours ago.
Gertie found love and blossomed with that love.
Please keep the Deese family, Moses(GEBR alum) and foster brother Panson in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you Howard and Sandy for opening your hearts and home to one of our senior bulldogs, making the last chapter of Gertie’s life, the very best chapter of her life.



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