Nutmeg – March 24th, 2022

5/2/18:  Please welcome Nutmeg!  She wondering into someone’s driveway last week.  They took her to the shelter and let us know about her.  We contacted the shelter letting them know we would love to take her into rescue if her owner was not located.  She has a registered microchip but when the shelter contacted the person listed on the microchip they stated that they gave her away and no longer had the contact information for the new owner and that they did not want her back.  So she is now with us!  She has a skin and ear infection.  Unfortunately she is having trouble urinating.  We will do bloodwork and x-rays.  She will need to be spayed once we determine what is going on with her.

She is four years old.  At this time we do not know if she likes dogs, cats and young children.

Update 5/3/18: She has a high amount of protein in her urine which could mean kidney disease so we have scheduled an ultrasound for Monday.

Update 5/7/18:  Nutmeg had her ultrasound today and it showed a few small bladder stones.  She will have surgery on Wednesday to remove the stones, be spayed and have her palate shortened.

Update 5/10/18:  Nutmeg had her surgery today and all went well.  She will move into her foster home in a few days and we will update as we learn more about her.  Instead of prescription food to prevent future stones and we going to try a RAW diet.

Update 5/16/18:  Nutmeg is on strict rest still as she recovers from surgery.  She is not loving the two dogs, cats or chickens at her foster home so her foster family is taking things slow.  Hopefully a slow introduction she will learn to love and live with them all.

Update 2/20/19: Nutmeg has been adopted by her foster family.  Congrats Nutmeg and Loudermilk family!

March 24, 2022 – Nutmeg crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peach Nutmeg

approximate age: 4

approximate weight: 55

likes dogs: n/a

likes cats: n/a

likes children: n/a

food: Blue Ridge Beef (RAW diet)

lifelong medications: none

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