Myrtle Grace

5/19/22 – Please welcome Myrtle Grace! She was picked up as a stray and turned over to us by the shelter. She has an ear infection and a skin infection. She definitely needs some work done on her teeth and eye lids. And she needs to lose some weight, she is at an unhealthy weight for her frame. She has been diagnosed with dry eye and will need prescription eye drops for life.

6/28/22 – Myrtle Grace had surgery today and all went well. She was spayed, had her palate shortened, had her saccules removed, had her nares widened, had her teeth cleaned and had her cherry eye tacked down. Unfortinelty there wasn’t enough time under that anesthesia to safely do her entropion surgery so she will have another surgery in a few weeks.

7/30/22 – Myrtle Grace had her entropion surgery today and all went well. We do feel that her eyesight is diminished some. She gets around ok but does seem to startle easy. She takes a minute or two to warm up to new people. She prefers a quite low-key household.

4/29/23 – Myrtle Grace is doing great in her foster home but still searching for the perfect forever home! 

7/22/23 – Myrtle Grace has been adopted!

approximate age: 7
approximate weight: 53
likes dogs: she does ok with older laid back dogs but that is about it
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: n/a, she startles to easily to be around kids
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: prescription eye drops for dry eye

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