Mr. Magoo – April 8th, 2019

3/17/17:  Please welcome Mr. Magoo!  He joins us from Fulton County Animal Control. He was taken from his home due to neglect.  He is underweight, he has an upper respiratory infection, he has a skin infection, he has an eye infection and he needs to be neutered.  He also has very overgrown nails due to his neglect.  We will begin treatment for his skin and eyes while we work on fattening him up.   He will be neutered once he is healthy enough to undergo surgery.

Dr. Ross believes he is eight years old.  At this time we do not know if he likes dogs, cats or young children.

Update 4/13/17:  Mr Magoo is finally feeling better and ready for surgery!  He had an ultrasound on Tuesday to check out his heart.  It is slightly enlarged but we believe that is only related to the heartworm and there is no other heart issues.  He will have surgery today to be neutered and have his teeth cleaned and have a few decaying teeth extracted.  He will begin is heartworm treatment in ten days.  He will need another ultrasound in three month after he completed his heartworm treatment just to be sure.

Update 4/25/17:  Mr Magoo headed back to the clin to begin his heartworm treatment today.

Update 7/23/17:  Mr. Magoo packed his bags and moved to Alabama.  He gets to live with Penna, GEBR alum!  Congrats Mr. Magoo and Cruz family!

4/8/19: Mr Magoo crossed over the rainbow bridge today. Please keep his family in your thoughts. 

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