Miss Fancy

11/30/19: Please welcome Miss Fancy! She was found as a stray and turned over to Dekalb County Animal Shelter. When no one came looking for her she was able to join the rescue. She needs to be vaccinated, spayed, have her palate shortened, have her saccules removed, have her nostrils widened, have her teeth cleaned and have entropion surgery on both eyes.

12/5/19: Miss Fancy had her surgery today and all went well! She is bowlegged, so we also did x-rays to make sure everything is ok with her front legs. She has some arthritis but no issues. We will start her on joint supplements. We think she has had about three litters of puppies.

2/27/20:  Miss Fancy has dropped some weight and has some blood in her urine.  We are going to do an ultrasound tomorrow to determine what is going with her.

2/28/20:  Miss Fancy had her ultrasound today and it shows a bladder stone. She will have surgery to have it remove.  It will be tested and she will be put on prescription food to prevent future stones.  She has a cherry eye that has been popping out when she gets super excited.  It is is popped out when she has her bladder stone surgery, we will tack it down to prevent it from popping out again.

3/3/20:  Miss Fancy had her surgery today.  Her bladder lining is extremely thick so we are going to do a biopsy to see if we can determine if there is anything else going on that needs to be addresses.  She did not need to have cherry eye surgery.  She also developed dry eye in her right eye and will need prescription drops for life.

4/1/20:  Miss Fancy is needing to pee about every two hours through the day and every four hours through out the night.  We tested her urine today and all looks good so this is a direct result of her inflammatory lining.  We are hoping this would clear up over time on prescription food but it is not clearing up on its own.  We are going to try proin for a few weeks to see if it helps any.

4/17/20:  The proin is not helping Miss Fancy’s condition so we are going to add in two an inflammatory medications; Osto Bi-Flex supplaments and previcox.  Osteo bi flex helps to reduce the inflammation and can be used lifelong. Previcox is a prescription anti inflammatory  that seems to work in cystitis patients. The goal would be to take her off of the previcox at some point.  We are going to try both for a few weeks then repeat an ultrasound to see if it is helping.

6/10/20: Miss Fancy had her ultrasound today and things are looking normal in her bladder. The previcox has decreased the inflammation and will he taking her off this medication. She is able to hold her pee for much longer, at least four hours when up and awake and through the night.

8/15/20:  Miss Fancy has been adopted!  Congrats Miss Fancy, Tom and Phoung

approximate age: 5
approximate weight: 44
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: she does not seem to mind the cat in her foster home
likes kids: yes, she is currently living with a six year old 
food: Royal Canin Urinary SO prescription diet
lifelong medications: joint supplements for arthritis, prescription eye drops for dry eye

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