Cash Money

11/8/19: Please welcome Cash Money! His owner was no longer able to care for him, so she asked us to find him a new home. He needs to be vaccinated, neutered, have his palate shortened, had his saccules removed, nostrils widened, and his teeth cleaned. He appears to have chronic ear infections and skin issues. We will be doing a thyroid test, and ear culture and blood allergy testing. We are treating his ear infection and skin issues.

11/14/19: Cash Money had his surgery today and all went well! His thyroid test came back normal so he will not need medication thyroid issues. We are still waiting on the allergy test results.

4/7/20:  Cash Money has been adopted.  Congrats Cash Money and Karen!

approximate age: 5
approximate weight: 55
likes dogs: yes, but takes some time to adjust
likes cats: yes
likes kids: yes
food: Taste Of The Wild, High Prairie
lifelong medications: apoquel

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