6/7/13: Please welcome Miley! She is a five year old owner surrender that we just had to take in even though we are overflowing with bullies at the moment. Miley’s owner moved into a place that didn’t allow dogs so Miley and her sister (a boxer) have been living outside in the back yard during the day and in the garage at night for the past few weeks. That doesn’t sound like a good place for a bulldog to live! Plus she has a terrible skin infection, she has not been taking flea and heartworm preventative, she is not up to date on her shots and she is not spayed. We are lucky she didn’t escape the back yard and get herself into trouble!

Miley is safe now and in the air conditioned comforts of Tucker Animal Hospital. We will know more about her medical status after Dr Harris has some time to examine her. We are told she is good with dogs and children.

Thank you for getting her to safety Amanda!

Update 6/15/13: Miley was spayed on Tues and began meds for her skin infection. She went to her foster home. She will be hanging with GEBR alum, King. She will need her stitches out in a week and she needs a check up on her skin in four weeks.

Update 7/30/13: Miley had a recheck on her skin issues and we started her a new medication.  We also started her on a medicated cleaner for her tail pocket.  She has a very deep cork screw tail that will need daily cleaning to avoid infection.  We are going to recheck in two weeks.

Update 8/22/13 – Miley’s skin is making great progress! She does have a tail pocket infection but her foster mom is doing daily cleaning with a special solution and it is getting better every day. It is something that her future parents will need to stay on top of. She has gained a few pounds and loves to play with her foster brother King. She has come a long way in the past few months.

Update 9/30/13: Dr Rush thought it best to remove Miley’s tail.  Surgery went well and she will be adopted once she recovers.

Update 10/30/13: Miley has been adopted!  Congrats Miley and Reed family!


B & D Howell

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