6/4/13: Rescue Railroad #2 for the week in progress right now!  Bianca was found stray and picked up by Gwinnett Animal Control.  Her stay hold was up today and she is now with us.  Joyce pulled her a little while ago and Amanda just picked her up from Joyce and they are on the way to Riverside. 

We believe she is between three and four years old and appears to have a spay scar.  We will have more updates after Dr Ross has time to give her a full exam.  She will be moved to a foster home after she spends two weeks in quarantine.   

Thank you Joyce and Amanda for getting Bianca to safety!

Update 6/25/13: Bianca went to her foster home on Saturday. After spay a small mass was removed from the skin over her breast bone. Final pathology called the mass a grade 2 mast cell tumor. The margins were clear of tumor but the “text books” say it must be removed with a 3cm margin. Bianca will be returning to the vet on Friday for wide excision of the area where the mass was removed and a chest x-ray. Mast Cell tumors have a good prognosis but we need to be sure. She will be available for adoption once all of her medical needs have been taken care of. Update 7/10/13: Bianca has been cleared for adoption and will be adopted this weekend!Update 7/20/13: Bianca has been adopted!  Congrats Bianca and Taylor family!





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